So initially I thought I would have the time to get on here and write a new blog post at least once a week. Well this month has shown me how difficult that would be to do! Of course I still want to try and accomplish that but unfortunately I might end up falling back to once a month. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I wanted to try and communicate more openly with everyone. If there isn’t anything to post though, or I don’t have the time you might see a lapse in my once a week goal!
So a lot of people have reached out to me since taking the website live and given me advice (which I love). Some of the primary advice was to get a new website! Well I’ve done that! Sort of! I’m using a new theme so please let me know how you like it now. I am pretty happy with it and I’ve spent a lot of time on modifying it to the certain point it is at. Other advice was on my grammatical skills (or lack thereof) and my response to that is: I’m the writer not the editor!!! If you see any grammatical errors on the website, copy them, click my email in the footer section of every webpage, copy into email, and click send! Oh, and tell me what the error is as well that way I know how to fix it!
I am open and available to any additional advice for the website or even life in general. I love talking about my book so even if you want more information on exactly what the story details, just email me!
I want to close this very brief update by saying that I’m so thankful for all the support I have received since launching the website and really going public with my book. Before all of this my book was just a hobby for me. Now it is so much more than that. I cannot even begin to explain what this book means to me and how the support you have given me keeps me going. Thank you so much!
Welp before I go I guess I should add some updates! Since my last post Tara and I brought Autumn Rose Robertson into the world, July 11th. She is such an amazing blessing for our family. I never thought (before having kids) that I would one day end up in a house with three women! But now I’m here and it has never been more prevalent for me the responsibility that I have to them. The first month of Autumn’s life has gone by so quickly (for me, don’t know if Tara would say the same), and I know that pretty soon she will be up and running around with Allison. I saw a post the other day from my Aunt Cindy who showed a picture of her two daughters that were entering High School and Middle School. It was a reality check for me because it feels like just yesterday that I was holding Brynn when she was only maybe 1 or 2. You have to enjoy as much time with them as you can!
The only additional update with the book is that I’m still in the process of finding an editor for the final step of the book and I’m about halfway through my final edit of the book. Once I complete my edit we will enter into the final stages and hopefully be able to make a decision on an editor. If we are not able to make that decision based on the overall price (or some other factor) I will look to contract it out for the lowest price to a freelance writer with a specialty in editing. And if that fails, I’m going to edit it again! Then publish it!
Everything will work out in the end though. I have a lot of faith in this project that has taken 11 years to come to fruition. Thank you again to everyone who has continuously supported me through this! You are my heroes!

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