“You have only assumptions.” Broem didn’t care for Hanlen. The man was a coward and he had no time for people like that.
“They left a powerful mark,” Hanlen continued. “Let us bring them before you, my Lord. I place my life on this.”
Broem liked the sound of that bargain. If Hanlen was wrong, he forfeits his life. “Do it,” he said waving the men away. “Bring me Gabriel and Selene, the children of Garret.”

A dark cloud shrouds the once vibrant land of Concordia. Those old enough to remember a time before Kind Ckerlman talk of an age when the land was ripe with green pastures and glorious cities.


Praise for Briama Part One:

“I was immediately pulled into the story line and couldn’t put the book down. Great first book by this author.”

“I really enjoyed part one of Briama. The writing was wonderful and drew me in quickly. The author does a great job of not only introducing the characters in this part of the book, but also the land and history of Ilsania. I am eager to read more of what looks to be an exciting story.”

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He drew from the channel and created a shield; a barrier so complex he could not describe the layers that composed it. As time passed someone would try to remove the blade from its resting place, someone not worthy of the power it held. This shield would prevent that from ever happening. Only when the time was right for the Queen’s return would the blade find a worthy person to wield it.

May the light shine on whoever the blade chose, for with their rise they will destroy Ilsania. He wrapped the shield around the sword and channeled his last bit of strength into the sword, finishing what he started. Everything he is and ever was would now rest within Briama, waiting for his return. Knowing death was only the beginning he welcomed his long-lost friend with open arms, a friend he evaded for over three millenniums. Falling to the ground his vision faded, leaving the blade as the last thing he saw before slipping into the darkness, consumed by the voices that surrounded this place. He would wait in the sword to wake by his chosen descendant. “Hello old friend,” he replied to the voices as they drew him into their cold grasp.


Praise for Briama Part Two:

“Part two doesn’t disappoint! I am a fantasy lover, but I rarely find a book that I enjoy as much as I’m enjoying Briama. I love the rich history the author has created for the land of Ilsania. The fact that there are other stories being uncovered during the main tale makes this book that much better in my opinion. I can barely wait for part three. Oh and if you’re a map nut like me, make sure to go to the Sword of Fate website to see a layout of Ilsania.”

“Full of action and intrigue, Part Two did not disappoint! I can’t wait for the next installment in this saga.”


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“Prepare the scouts, I want facts.” He waved the man away. Titurlus had a knack for these things but Ckerlman was not willing to place his faith in him this time. What brought the Soltin to move out of hiding after so many years? Did they believe this girl to be the pureblood of legend?
“They will attack someday if we leave them alone.” Morgan sat upon the throne beside him. She had been by his side for so many years. He looked to her, breathing in her elegant features.
“I want them to attack,” he replied. “That doesn’t mean they are moving their forces. Titurlus is a coward, I want more than just his opinion before I move my army.”
“Will you kill the girl?”
“I have little choice,” he smiled at her. “She has chosen her people.” 

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Briama, the first book in the Sword of Fate series is currently in eBook status. The estimated hardbound publication date is 04/12/2017.

Part Four will be available April 5th.

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