I was bored with the old format for the website and wanted to bring in some new programming. It didn’t change by a ton from what you can see but trust me when I say the back-end has changed a ton! It’s so much easier for me to change things on the website which makes my life better. This will trickle over to what you see with time. As I get more accustomed to everything much more will be added to the website.

One thing that has been changed are the sharing buttons on the side of the screen. You can click on them to share the page that you are on. Use any of the social media outlets on there. If you see one you want me to add just email me! Additionally on the bottom of the front page are follow buttons. You will find my Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and author page on Amazon.

As a second point, I’ve added an email signup. Opt in for the signup ¬†and you will be the first to receive updates on the series. It also ensures you won’t miss out on each release. Facebook can be picky on who sees my posts and I wanted to ensure no one gets mad at me for missing a release. Signup for the email subscription and you will also get the Prologue of Briama free!

I’m making tons of changes to the series, the website, and generally how I’m pushing this thing out. If you have any advice please email me at ryan@theswordoffate.com. Any and all advice is welcome!

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