I’ll start by saying thanks for your patience as I push out the series! We had plans to publish the book in one complete section in December. As you may have guessed, things have changed. With the ever changing book market and how things are done on Amazon we had to change this projection. I spoke with a few people who have been in the publishing industry for a long time and they gave me sound advice to break up the book and publish in sections as opposed to one giant book.

Briama will be published on Amazon in two formats. The first will be an eBook that is strictly an eBook. It will be broken into 4 sections, about 180 pages each. Once the 4 sections have been published on Amazon a hardbound book will be published that contains all 4 parts. If you are the type of person to read books on your phone the eBook option is a great resource for you! If you like hardbound books, that is available.

Part One is available now on Amazon Kindle for $3.99!

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