YF – Yai Fuere (Before Formation)
DF – Daes Feura (After Formation)
DS – Dae Sulf (After Breaking)


DF 0000- Ilsania formed
DF 0005- Capital of Malikardia formed
DF 0030- The Royal Race breaks into 12 factions; each building their own cities across Ilsania
DF 0058- New race of mortals, from Mardica land in Sliaton
DF 0064- Mortals move to Concordia
DF 0072- Mortals begin war with the Royal Family
DF 0095- Luna seeks peace with Lord Gartiza, leader of the Mortals
DF 0108- Peace is made with humans through marriage of their ruler, Lord Anibela Gartiza to The First General, Michael
DF 0110- Luna leaves the people forcing Michael to become King
DF 0110 to 0250- The Humans and the Royal Family merge together, making Ilsania whole for the first time since the Formation
DF 0265- The people revolt against their immortal ruler with the Death of the Queen Anibela
DF 0267- Those loyal to Michael defend their King against the assault
DF 0270- The King Michael is betrayed by those close to him. Before they kill him, he seals Briama in the Tower of Light and Shadow


DS 0000- Ilsania is broken into 22 factions; the 200 year war begins
DS 0004- The Kings of their territories fight for the throne of Malikardia
DS 0207- Lord Vinula, the descendant of Michael claims the throne
DS 0230- Vinula unites Concordia, bringing peace back to the mainland
DS 0550- Lord Ckerlman takes throne of Malikardia

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