Q) How long have you been writing the Sword of Fate series?

A) I have been working on the first book, Briama since 2005. It had always been on the back burner (a hobby more-or-less) up until very recently when I decided that I was going to stop dragging my feet on it.


Q) How many separate eBooks will Briama be?

A) It will be divided into 4 separate eBooks with a final hardbound book published afterwards.


Q) What genre is the Sword of Fate?

A) It is a Fantasy novel.


Q) You mention magic, what kind of magic do they use?

A) When I say the word “magic” people usually think of other very popular books that include magic. My book is similar in many ways but completely opposite in more ways. You do not need wands to use this power but instead everything is done through your thoughts. Additionally, the law of conservation of mass is very important in that nothing can be created or destroyed, only manipulated.

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