Briama – The First Book

Ilsania is an ancient land that was created by a race of immortal humans capable of immense power. The humans pulled the land out of the water and created the world that is known today.
Centuries and centuries of peace stretched out after the immortals created Ilsania, but now that peace is at an end. Ckerlman, the leader of an evil cult has taken over the land and has begun a tyrannical rule over Ilsania that could destroy the island as we know it. The Sanjin – Ckerlman’s cult – are descendants of the immortal race and are capable of the same powers. They have used this power to remove everyone who has stood in their way.

Gabriel was a normal boy raised in the fishing village of Balzaha until he discovered that his twin sister is capable of immense power like that of the Sanjin. He fears for her safety and has no choice but to take her and flee before they come and take his sister away from him. Gabriel and Selene are thrown on a journey of life and death as he seeks another group of people with the same powers as his sister and the Sanjin. The Soltin – who are also descendants of the immortal race but choose to use their power for good – have fought the Sanjin for a millennia keeping them from seizing power in Ilsania.

Gabriel is thrown into a world he once thought was a fairy tale. He has no choice but to side with the Soltin and join their cause as they take on the corrupt King Ckerlman. Little does Gabriel know but he is the central piece in the puzzle for taking down the King.

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