My name is James Robertson but everyone calls me by my middle name Ryan. I have been writing since I was a junior in high school (2005). Most of my early work was really embarrassingĀ but eventually after writing for quite some time I fell upon the story of Briama. It started out completely different from what it currently is but after three different rough drafts I finally landed here. It was originally going to be a three-part series but after changing the story so much it grew and grew into what it currently is as an eight-part series.

After I graduated from high school I attended a local community college for two years before signing up for the military. My mother refused to let me join a deployable service so I joined the Coast Guard. I did 2 years in Gulfport, MS doing Search and Rescue, and Law Enforcement. After that I transferred to my specialty school where I became a third class petty officer and was transferred to New Orleans, LA. I finished out an additional 4 years at this unit before separating from the military and moving back to Dallas, TX. I work with my dad currently for a startup business that we started together doing mosquito misting in the DFW area. I also sell health insurance during our off season and as I have time through the year.

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