The Sword of Fate Series

The Sword of Fate is an eight part series centralized around a boy named Gabriel. Gabriel was a normal boy raised in the fishing village of Balzaha before he found out that his sister is capable of amazing powers to control the world around her. These powers would be an amazing gift if they weren’t forbidden. A group called the Sanjin are currently in power under their leader, Ckerlman the King of Ilsania. The Sanjin are capable of this same power and will kill anyone that is capable of this power, unless of course they join them.

Fearing for his sister’s life Gabriel flees from Balzaha to join the rank of a group of rebels that have amassed to confront the king and his tyrannical rule. They are accompanied by their “servant” Elise who proves to be more assistance than Gabriel would have ever imagined.

Join me as I take you on a journey through the life of Gabriel and his sister as they fight to dethrone a tyrant and return Ilsania to the once beautiful land it was when Luna – ruler of the immortal race – created it.

Read the first book synopsis here.

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